A symbiosis between data science and native content syndication. An entirely new way of content syndication allowed us to mirror the entire website of our client into premium publishers. A truly immersive customer experience.

Content Garden Presentation

What are the advantages of Content Garden solutions and why do major brands rely on the innovative power of Content Garden products? You will find the answers to these questions in our presentation folder.

You will also learn how the Content Garden solutions work in detail and how we make online advertising relevant again.


The live demo links show the implementation of our product range: Content Driven Advertising, True Native Advertising, Multimedia Story as well as various engagement formats.

Experience from the reader’s perspective how the Content Garden mechanism works and get to know the editorial workings of Content Garden through these sample campaigns.

Content Driven Advertising

teaser + article

True Native Advertising

teaser + article

Multi Media Story

teaser + article

teaser + article



Use our briefing form to easily and conveniently provide all relevant details for the campaign implementation. The Content Garden team is thus able to start designing the advertising material and creating your content without delay.

Spec Sheets

Here you will get an overview of the most important steps of the campaign implementation: from briefing to feedback loops to go-live. You can also see what tasks are involved on your site.

You will also find the key information on the delivery and placement of the various advertising material formats.