Gerald Lanzerits
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A day at Content Garden

What does our daily work actually look like? What questions are we concerned with and what values do we represent? Continue reading to learn more.

Stefan Huber
August 5, 2020  •  4min. Reading Time


Exciting cases in the spotlight!

No two campaigns are the same. And yet there are projects that clearly step out of line! The first special case is a current datascience project that we implemented together with elements for Styria Tourism.

Stefan Huber
August 13, 2020  •  8min. Reading Time


Buyer Persona for Content Marketing – How it works

Many companies run the risk of wasting valuable resources by producing content that is guaranteed to miss its target because it lacks one crucial ingredient: relevance. The way to get there is via the buyer persona. But why is this so?

Stefan Huber
August 13, 2020  •  5min. Reading Time

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Gerald Lanzerits

Meet our new CEO: Gerald Lanzerits

With Gerald Lanzerits, we were able to gain an experienced industry professional who will drive the next chapter of our successful growth course as CEO.

Stefan Huber
June 8, 2021  •  3min. Reading Time

“Agile working”: Must-have or passing trend?

In a world that feels like it’s spinning faster and faster, with machine learning algorithms driving us along and real-time communications barely giving us time to catch our breath, Heraklit’s famous saying seems more relevant than ever…

Stefan Huber
March 29, 2021  •  5min. Reading Time

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Click-through rate (CTR) prediction is probably the most essential Data Science problem any online advertising company faces. The task is to estimate the probability that an impression with a certain set of features such as teaser text & image, weekday, placement, etc. will lead to a reader’s click.

Constantin Grigo
March 2, 2021  •  8min. Reading Time