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Why the end customer benefits from a good briefing

Especially in online marketing, the temptation to neglect the briefing and instead simply demand “a first draft” from the service provider is great. Experience shows why this is the wrong approach.

Stefan Huber
September 2, 2021  •  7min. Reading Time

Casino Bandit

Optimizing campaigns with casino mathematics

There are definitely some similarities between our work at Content Garden and gambling in a casino: In roulette you may bet on ‘red’ or ‘black’, whereas for online advertising, you might choose variant A or B of your content.

Constantin Grigo
August 13, 2021  •  8min. Reading Time

Gerald Lanzerits

Meet our new CEO: Gerald Lanzerits

With Gerald Lanzerits, we were able to gain an experienced industry professional who will drive the next chapter of our successful growth course as CEO.

Stefan Huber
June 8, 2021  •  3min. Reading Time

“Agile working”: Must-have or passing trend?

In a world that feels like it’s spinning faster and faster, with machine learning algorithms driving us along and real-time communications barely giving us time to catch our breath, Heraklit’s famous saying seems more relevant than ever…

Stefan Huber
March 29, 2021  •  5min. Reading Time

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Click-Through Rate Prediction

Click-through rate (CTR) prediction is probably the most essential Data Science problem any online advertising company faces. The task is to estimate the probability that an impression with a certain set of features such as teaser text & image, weekday, placement, etc. will lead to a reader’s click.

Constantin Grigo
March 2, 2021  •  8min. Reading Time

DevOps: Our way through the CI/CD pipelines

DevOps in general and especially in the last few years has become a big issue and an important goal in every IT company. It is a fact that so many companies are moving much faster than planned from private data centers and dedicated servers to public clouds, and one of their main goals in this transition is to ensure a suitable environment in which modern CI/CD can run smoothly.

Filip Ajdačić
December 16, 2020  •  6min. Reading Time

Why should we think about a cookieless future?

In order to understand the impact of a cookieless internet we need to differentiate between so called “first-party ” and “third-party” cookies.

Tom Jelinek
December 9, 2020  •  5min. Reading Time

Looking forward

Corona still has a firm grip on our lives. After the first wave in spring 2020, we are currently in the middle of the second wave and due to the high infection rates, we are also in a renewed lockdown.

Lucas Schaerf
November 26, 2020  •  3min. Reading Time