We seek to redefine how people discover ideas, information and brands through content.

Using creativity, technology and data, we develop products and services that set new standards.

Content Garden Technologies is a technology company specialized in native content distribution.

With the help of our self-developed distribution mechanism, we deliver native content in an optimized way across all media.

We provide customers and partners with our know-how in content production and our technology in distribution to support you in the implementation of successful digital content marketing campaigns.

Content Garden goes climate neutral!

This means that we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and offset unavoidable emissions through carbon offset projects. Our steps in detail:

  1. Calculate carbon emissions

    Together with ClimatePartner we have calculated our CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint.

  2. Avoid and reduce emissions

    Our CCF calculation shows us where we need to reduce our carbon emissions. We update it every year to monitor our progress and identify additional areas for improvement.

  3. Carbon offset

    For the time being, some emissions remain unavoidable. We offset them by supporting a worldwide project from the ClimatePartner portfolio: Plastic Bank

    Stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who are most affected – this is the approach taken by our supported project “the Plastic Bank”. In Haiti, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines, people collect plastic waste. At local collection points, they can exchange it for money, food, drinking water or even school fees. The project makes sure that less plastic ends up in the sea. Instead, it is recycled and turned into so-called Social Plastic, which serves as raw material for new products such as packaging.

  4. Create transparency

    Via our label stating “climate neutral company” and the ID, you can track our climate neutrality through the ClimatePartner ID tracking tool:

Plastic Bank Partners

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Our Team

Our Core Values



Our positive mindset enables us to see potential in ideas not only risks. Our „Yes, we can“ attitude guides us through demanding situations and challenges. We aim for genuine positivity towards ideas and people.


We all play by the same rules. We always try to be hard on the idea, but soft on the people. We respect each other’s ideas but also their boundaries.


We can achieve great things – but only together. We support each other – when support is needed. We rely on our colleagues and know that they will rely on us too.


Our shared vision enables us to react and commit to change. We value interaction and collaboration over silos. Standards and experimentation in equal parts help us to deliver results.


With our work, we want to lead today and shape the future. We are dedicated to make things better – continuously. We have the courage to think differently and to start all over again.


We aim for clear and accountable roles within the company. We know our job so we don’t wait for someone else to do it for us. We promise what we can deliver, and we deliver what we promised.


Senior Key Account Manager (m/w/d)

Identifikation, Ansprache und Akquisition von Neukunden; Betreuung & Entwicklung von Agenturen; Präsentation, Consulting und Verkauf von Content Strategien an Direktkunden & Agenturen; Verantwortung der Umsatzziele bei Neu- und Bestandskunden; Aufbau, Ausbau und Pflege des branchenspez…

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Publisher-Manager (m/w/d)

Starke analytische Fähigkeiten; Starke Kommunikationsfähigkeiten; Kenntnisse von und Erfahrungen mit aktuellen Adserver-Lösungen; Lösungsorientierte Arbeitsweise; Kenntnisse von und Erfahrungen mit HTML/CSS/JavaScript; Kenntnisse von und Erfahrung mit Microsoft Excel…

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) (m/f/d)

Be an active member of the management, engineering and product leadership team; Collaborate with different departments to define and implement an integrated and comprehensive product roadmap; Ensure that the product vision is realized through excellence and quality in execution…

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Project-/Campaign-Manager (m/w/d)

Starke analytische Fähigkeiten und gutes Zahlenverständnis; Positive Ausstrahlung und hoher Servicelevel; Lösungsorientierte Arbeitsweise; Starke Kommunikationsfähigkeit; Erfahrung mit Microsoft (Excel, Word, PPT); Erfahrung mit Adserver (Adition, Adform etc.); Erfahrung mit Yield-Management und/oder Performa…

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Full-stack developer with focus on Data Engineering (m/f/d)

Develop web applications that provide in-depth insights to our data; Help our team with the construction of data pipelines from tracking and gathering user data all the way up to the deployment of advanced Machine Learning models; Ensure software development quality through development guidelines…

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Sales Manager (m/w/d)

Identifikation, Ansprache & Akquisition von Neukunden; Betreuung & Entwicklung von Agenturen; Präsentation, Consulting & Verkauf von Content Strategien an Direktkunden & Agenturen; Entwicklung & Umsetzung innovativer Sales-Konzepte; Verantwortung der Umsatzziele bei Neu- & Bestandskunden…

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